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Aap Aur Hum – February 2021

Theme – ‘The Animal World ’ (Prep)

I am enhancing my gross and fine motor skills by…

  • Learning body percussion and using my body to create rhythm.

  • Feeling energized while doing the actions to the song, ‘Rail gaadi, I have a pet’, The 7 continents, and the Planet song.

  • Learning how to walk in rhythm – ‘dheemi gati’, ‘tez gati’.

  • Keeping my body and mind agile while jumping over the agility ladder.

  • Learning body coordination during P.T. drill.

  • Continuing doing activities like dribbling the ball, warming up my body, spot jogging and simple stretching.

  • Practicing tapping the ball in sitting position.

  • Doing side roll, thereby enhancing my body control and balance.

  • Learning new games such as Khelo khelo body rhythm game during music class.

  • Doing simple exercises to strengthen my tripod grip. This helps me learn how to hold the pencil correctly to draw numbers ‘5’, ’6’, ‘7’and ‘8’.

  • Drawing letter ‘f’,’ j’ free hand in step-by-step method. First, by tracing followed by using paints on the drawing sheet.

  • Drawing letter ‘l’,‘t’,’ r’, ’n’ on the worksheet using pencil.

  • Learning how to weave strips of paper into a useful table mat.

  • Recycling waste material to make a beautiful musical instrument called “Maracas”.

  • Handling the materials like sand, pebbles, twigs independently to create interesting things like a miniature forest.

  • Using diverse materials to make stick puppets of animals such as a snail, woolly mammoth etc.



I am developing and enhancing my language by…

  • Learning rhythmic beats and working out on my vocal cords through sangeet and sargam activities.

  • Learning new songs in my music class, such as “The Planet song”, and building my vocabulary through singing.

  • Learning about the new theme “The Animal world”, talking about my pet animal, animals that exist and the ones which are extinct or endangered.

  • Listening carefully to distinguish between different sounds like those of
    animals and birds.


  • Using new words to express my emotions and feelings.

  • Making a word wall and constructing meaningful sentences.

  • Learning to read new CVC words with ‘e’ blends.

  • Playing word games like “Bingo” and “Word Detective”.

  • Reading and comprehending phonetic stories.

  • Reading action words like, crawl, jump, dance, hop, jog,left, right and doing the appropriate actions to match them.

  • Tracing new Hindi akshars, ग/ ज / ड / द/ब/ ल/ घ/ झ, on sandpaper with a firm hand to feel the correct formation.

  • Identifying Hindi akshars and drawing corresponding objects while taking a pictorial dictation.

  • Learning to read simple two letter Hindi words by blending the akshars.

I am developing my intellect by…

  • Thinking critically in a given situation with regards to new traffic signals, like “No horn”, “No left turn”.

  • Mapping various geographical features of our country such as Western ghats, Eastern ghats and Yamuna River, on the map of India.

  • Learning more about the world, like names of 7 continents and marking them on the world map.

  • Listening to the new story ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and articulating thoughts about it.

  • Listening to the news presentation about ‘spring season’ festivals, traditions related to it.

  • Learning about extinct animals, hibernating animals, why animals hibernate followed by creating a hibernation station.

  • Discussing the pre-historic animals like woolly mammoth, dinosaurs and knowing their names.

  • Learning how to represent numbers in different ways by using words such as twice, thrice, four times, two times etc. 

  • Playing games like Spin and count and understanding terms like 2 more than 3, 1, less than 5 etc.

  • Discussing the planets in our solar system and numbering them.

  • Observing birds around my environment and watching interesting videos like “Birds in Action”.

  • Making geometrical patterns with leaves of various sizes.

  • Learning how to use paper money through enriching games such as shop play.



I am enhancing my social and emotional skills by…

  • Greeting my friends and teacher every day with a warm smile and sharing my experiences with them.

  • Waiting for my turn to talk, and listening to others when they are talking.

  • Expressing emotions and enhancing flexibility of my body by practicing yoga asana such as “Grateful Giraffe, “Caring Koalas” etc. while maintaining a good body posture.

  • Talking about pleasant and unpleasant experiences with animals.

  • Celebrating birthdays with my peers and sharing at least one good thing about him/her with everyone.

  • Being creative and environment friendly by recycling waste materials to create “My dream Vehicle.

  • Creating a collage with parts of a tree, such as fallen leaves and flowers, without
    harming nature.


  • Relating to the emotions of a tree by imagining how it would
    feel in different situations.


  • Sharing my fears and my deepest emotions with my peers about when I feel scared.

  • Creating a web chart for the needs of animal I would like to have as a pet.

  • Acquiring a new life skill, such as, “How to pack my tiffin independently”.

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