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Aap Aur Hum

July - August 2020

Theme – May Family and my home (Prep)

My Physical and Motor development took place as I………

  • participated in physical activities like jumping, hopping, rolling, throwing a ball in a specified area etc. to keep myself fit.

  • did interesting yoga asana like flamingo pose, star pose and breathing exercise to strengthen my lungs.

  • learnt to coordinate movements with the music during the physical drill.

  • refreshed my mind playing various energising games like – “My father is a baker”, “Check my beat”, “Flea
    fly mosquito”


  • did Montessori activities like folding clothes, pouring water using a funnel, peeling and slicing a banana to learn
    life skills.


  • did drawing of letters in the sand tray/plate.

  • did free hand drawing of my family, my home, virtual walks, number concepts (1-8) etc.

  • enjoyed using paints and brushes to illustrate stories and topics related to the ongoing themes.

  • used a safety scissors to shape and trim the paper to create puppets/interesting patterns in a collage.    

  • did interesting things with paper like tearing /pasting and crushing/origami.

  • moulded clay/dough into interesting objects like a flower.

  • had fun using different materials to make interesting crafts like a card for Eid, biodegradable rakhi, National Flag etc. 


My Language developed as I…………

  • learnt to use appropriate words to express my emotions (sad, happy, angry, worried).

  • participated in discussions during the theme talk and circle time.

  • presented simple scientific experiments, news etc. during ‘show and tell’.

  • talked about the things I observe in my surroundings like seasonal/ man made changes.

  • talked about my drawings and other interesting creations like story illustrations.

  • thought and spoke about possible solutions to given situations like how can I be kind to others?
    What freedom means to me?


  • expressed my thoughts about my family members and my home.

  • recited theme-related songs and rhymes on my family and home.

  • revisited the objects corresponding to a particular phonic sound.

  • learnt to blend phonic sounds to make a CVC word (consonant vowel consonant) like – cat, mat, rat etc.

  • learnt to memorize sight words like A/a.

  • read simple phrases like - A hat, A sad cat.

  • used move able alphabets to form CVC words.

  • listened to stories and participating in interesting follow up activities like talking about my favourite
    character in the story.


  • teamed up with my friends to dramatize the story using different mediums like props, puppets etc.

  • created word wall after listening to the story as it enhances my vocabulary.

  • narrated stories using different medium like story books, PPT and puppets.



My Cognitive development took place as I…………

  • enhanced my memory while recalling my experiences to respond during discussions.

  • learnt to focus on a task while doing different activities.

  • used my imagination and creativity to do follow up activities like drawing, painting, collage making etc.

  • revisited pre – number concepts like big/small, in/out through games.

  • listened to stories to later recall them through an illustration and role play.

  • observed changes that happen around me like - the different phases of moon i.e crescent, new, full, half.

  • did simple experiments to observe and analyse the cause and effect on my own for
    e.g - Density of different liquids like honey, water and oil.


  • thought and found answers to simple questions – How rain occurs?

  • mapped my neighbourhood with important landmarks.

  • listened to news presentations and discussed about them.

  • did simple scientific experiments to make interesting observations. For eg. Fun with water lens etc.

  • did simple number (1-8) concepts like subitization, counting, finding the missing number, quantifying
    the numbers


  • learnt about the properties of different shapes like circle, triangle, semi- circle etc.



My Socio emotional development took place as I…………

  • greeted my friends and teacher every day with a warm smile. 

  • expressed my emotions without hesitation and talk about why I experience changes in my behaviour. 

  • choose the emotion cards and shared my feelings with friends and teachers during Circle Time.

  • learnt to deal with unpleasant situations I face, by talking about them.

  • learnt to do the best I can to keep up with the new situations at home.

  • learnt to be grateful to my family members by talking about what they do for me.

  • liked to talk about my family members and what I appreciate about them.

  • talked about myself in relation to my family, my home. For eg: My family and I, Me and my home etc.

  • learnt to wait for my turn although I do get impatient at times.

  • was crowned as the King/Queen. This gave me confidence and made me feel on top of the world.

  • and my friends learnt why and how we celebrate Eid, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Janamasthmi
    and Onam.


  • learnt to speak confidently while making presentations on the activity I loved doing during the holidays
    and while presenting the news of the day etc.

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