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Aap Aur Hum -December 2020
Theme – Jobs We Do’ (Prep)


My Gross and Fine motor development is taking place as I am………

  • keeping my body fit by coordinating movements with the music during physical drill.

  • learning new physical skills like commando crawl that keeps my mind and body agile.

  • feeling energized and full of energy while I do the actions to fun songs like ‘Wishy washing
    washer woman’ ‘ Drive my car’.


  • learning new life skills through Montessori activities like packing my bag independently.

  • learning to write letter ‘c’ in the correct formation using a proper tri-pod grip.

  • doing tracing of letter ‘d’ on sandpaper and drawing the same in the sand tray/plate.

  • doing tracing of number 5, 6 on sandpaper and drawing them using finger and paints.

  • tracing Hindi Akshars क, च, ट, त, प, य on sandpaper with a steady hand to learn the correct formation.

  • learning to hold the pencil with a firm grip while writing numbers 1

  • using pencil colours to bring fine details to my illustrations.

  • using safety scissors to cut specific shapes like circle ,oval, triangle and squares to create a Christmas card.


My Language is developing as I am…………

  • learning to use appropriate words to express my emotions (sad, happy, angry, worried).

  • participating in circle time discussions on topics like ‘land and water’ and ‘ How to save and recycle water’.

  • enhancing my vocabulary through mind mapping of the topics like  ‘Jobs that people do’.

  • learning number names of 4,5 and 6.

  • learning to find rhyming words from the ones I have read.

  • learning and decoding new CVC words (consonant vowel consonant) like – hip, sit, mix etc.

  • practising speed reading drill with CVC words to read the word as a whole.

  • using moveable alphabets to form CVC words and solve crossword puzzles.

  • using moveable words to form simple sentences.

  • learning to memorize and use sight words like This/this, That/that, My/my, and in phrases/sentences.

  • learning to read and comprehend meaning of short and simple sentences independently like – The black hog, The hot pot .

  • reading and drawing pictures associated with the given CVC word/short and simple sentences.

  • acquiring the skills to read short phonic books ‘The sad cat’, ‘Sox the fox’ and ‘The big hat’ independently.

  • enhancing my listening and comprehension skills through activities like

  • learning to identify the Akshars क, च,ट, त, प, य and expand my vocabulary by
    naming corresponding objects to the given Akshar.

  • listening to stories and participating in interesting follow-up activities like

  • teaming up with my friends to dramatize the Christmas Story by using different mediums like props, puppets etc.

  • reciting theme-related songs and carols on Christmas’.

  • exercising my vocal chords through sangeet and sargam activities.



My Cognitive development is taking place as I am…………

  • enhancing my memory as I recall my experiences during discussions like “ People who I depend on for various things like – food, personal care, safety etc”.

  • enhancing my learning readiness by focussing on the task given.

  • using my imagination and creativity to do follow up activities like drawing, painting.

  • understanding and assimilating pre – number concept like more/less through fun activities.

  • listening to stories to later recall them through an illustration and role play.

  • observing and talking about the changes that happening around me during the winter season.

  • observing the tree in my neighbourhood to know how the weather effects it and the life on it.

  • doing age appropriate experiments that help me to observe, analyse and find out the scientific reason. For example - making muddy water into clean water through a ‘water filter’.

  • recalling and illustrating the sequence of the scientific experiments in detail.

  • enhancing my general awareness while listening to discussions on various topics like ‘Why is Earth called the blue planet?’, ‘What are oceans ?’

  • mapping the 5 oceans from biggest to smallest on the world map.

  • doing simple number (1-10) concepts like counting, quantifying numbers, missing numbers, completing a sequence etc through games like speed counting with picture cues.

  • developing my observation skills while solving simple shape puzzles and mazes.

  • learning to use hand span a non - standard measurement to measure water bottle,
    table etc with my handspan.


My Socio-emotional development is taking place as I am…………

  • greeting my friends and teacher every day with a warm smile

  • celebrating birthdays with my peers.

  • expressing emotion cards and sharing my feelings with friends and teachers during circle time.

  • talking about things ‘I can / cannot do’.

  • participating in cultural exchange on different festivals like – carol singing for Christmas.

  • learning to share my joy with someone who is less privileged like sharing a Christmas gift.

  • learning to be patient, wait for my turn and listen to my friends and teacher when they are speaking.

  • bonding with the tree in my neighbourhood.

  • participating enthusiastically in get together with my peers and family.

  • participating in energising games like ‘Up in the air’.

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