Aap Aur Hum

Prep Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Aap Aur Hum – August 2022

Theme – My Home and Neighbourhood (Prep)
























I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by………

  • participating in outdoor activities like – P.T drill’s, aiming and throwing a ball at a target.

  • working on my whole body balance through yoga exercises like - Tadasana, chair pose, etc.

  • learning how to clean by using the broom in a proper manner and polish my shoes.

  • participating in music and movement and singing action songs like ‘Shake your silly ‘s out…’, ‘We are a family…’,’Jump up bend down’, ‘Just wanna jump…’ etc.

  • doing finger aerobics before tracing /drawing a letter/number.

  • making a biodegradable rakhi by sticking the shapes by size.

  • colouring the national flag using sponge.

  • making souvenirs- book marks using leaf printing technique.

  • painting and decorating pots for the festival of Janamashtmi

  • doing a free hand drawing on topics like ‘A memorable experience with my family’, ‘My family’, ‘Bug watch’ etc.

  • tracing and drawing letters or alphabets - ‘y’, ‘g ', ‘e’.

  • revisiting how to draw numbers 0-5

  • feeling the surface of the tree and taking an impression of the bark.

  • free hand drawing related to the theme.

  • solving a puzzle on an insect.


I have enhanced my language by…………

  • reading and comprehending the phonic stories – ‘Nut and bug’, ‘Mix it in’, ‘Big pig on a dig’, ‘Fat cat on the mat’.

  • participating in theme related discussions during the theme talk and circle time on topics like ‘My Home’, ‘Types of home’, ‘Mapping my home’ ‘My favourite space in the house’, etc.

  • enriching my vocabulary with new words related to the theme like, homes, neighborhood, my city, father/mother’s hometown, north, south etc.

  • grouping the CVC words under the correct VC blend.

  • continuing to practice building new words using movable alphabets.

  • reading CVC words with an understanding of their meaning.

  • listening to news presentations on – Commonwealth games, Janamashtmi, Eco friendly building materials, story of the Indian national flag, national anthem, national game, world elephant day, world water week, history of the national flag, Independence Day etc.

  • reading sentences and drawing corresponding objects.

  • using whole words like this/that, and, in/on, he/she to construct meaningful sentences.

  • learning to read my name from a list of names to mark the attendance sheet.

  • reading books from the library and identifying the CVC words and whole words.

  • reading and drawing a picture to correspond to the word.

  • learning tongue twisters like ‘zebras zig and zebras zag, ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream’ etc.

  • recognizing and reading number names from 0 to 10.

  • comprehending simple mathematical vocabulary and phrases, like what comes after …’.

  • listening to stories such as ‘Be kind', 'Bear feels scared’, ‘A squash and a squeeze’, ‘Where is home, little pip’', sent over the weekend and doing a variety of activities.

  • listening to the theme related story – ‘Room on the broom’, and engaging in related activities such as dramatization, creating word wall and talking about my favourite character.

  • learning and singing new theme songs like ‘This is where I live’, ‘The super mummy and daddy’, ‘We are a family’, etc.

  • participating in a circle time discussion about our visit to the ‘post office’.




I have enhanced my intellect by…………

  • observing bug’s/insects in the surrounding, learning about the parts of their body, special features- wings, exoskeleton etc. and illustrating my observations.

  • learning about the new month - the concept of today, tomorrow, yesterday and being aware about the special occasions/festivals of the month.

  • solving problems by analyzing different situations from the theme – ‘If due to heavy rain your roof starts to leak / or water enter your house, what will you do?’ A stranger has come knocking on the door and no elder is at home what will you do?’ ‘A stranger has come knocking on the door and no elder is at home what will you do?’.

  • celebrating Independence Day through related activities like - eating tri -colored food, history of the national flag, creating my class and family flag etc.

  • making the national flag and learning about the significance of the three colors and chakra in it.

  • recalling and drawing what I observed in the assembly and outdoor visits.

  • drawing 2-D shapes with focus on their properties.

  • quantifying and pasting bindi’s to correspond numbers 5-10.

  • learning how to add quantities by using blocks/plugs/beads.

  • identifying the numbers 1-10 represented through clusters.

  • solving mental math’s questions through interesting number games like ‘Bingo’.

  • quantifying numbers from one to ten.

  • reading mathematical phrases and vocabulary like how much is 1 one more than 2.

  • learning the sight facts of number 6.

  • gathering information about our national symbols like – national flag/animal/game/flower etc through mind mapping.

  • observing an experiment on the digestive system.

  • marking the 4 directions/my city/my hometown on the map of India.



I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…………

  • doing well -being activities like ‘Gratitude moment’ and ‘colouful breathing’, that helps me to calm down and focus.

  • greeting my friends and teacher every day with a warm smile and song like ‘Good morning to you…”

  • engaging in free play in organized areas like the measuring corner, architect’s workstation.

  • learning to work in groups while doing a variety of activities like- designing my class flag, collecting objects from the surroundings, gardening etc.

  • participating in show and tell activities such as – ‘talking about by favourite space in the house, mapping of my house, being an entomologist etc.

  • talking about ‘a novel thing I did’ in the holidays and sharing and with my peer.

  • sharing a memorable experience that I had with my family.

  • participating in circle time discussions like ‘what freedom means to me’, ‘A quality that like about Krishna’.

  • making choices by choosing play material and sharing it with friends during free play.

  • celebrating birthdays with friends and sharing sweets with them.

  • dramatizing the story of the month through various mediums such as puppet theater and role plays.

  • taking care of myself and helping to clean up by learning life skills like cleaning with a broom and polishing shoes.

  • celebrating festivals like Raksha Bandhan and Janamashtmi with friends.

  • taking pride in participating in the ‘Open house’.