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Aap Aur Hum

Prep Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Aap Aur Hum - November & December 2022


Theme – Jobs we do & Means of Transportation (Prep)

Highlights of the month-


I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…………

  • greeting my friends and teacher every day with a warm smile and song like ‘Hello to all the children of the world….’

  • starting the day with a prayer like ‘It’s a great thing to praise the Lord’, ‘This little light of mine’ etc. to show my gratitude to God. 

  • listening to the news presentation on Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Founder’s day, Children’s day, World Navy Day etc.

  • participating in theme related discussions during the theme talk and circle time on topics like ‘understanding jobs people do’,  
    ‘problem solving through a situation’, meeting a footwear designer, understanding the role of emergency vehicles, understanding
    safety on road.                 


  • sharing about ‘My Aspiration’ with my friends in the class.

  • engaging in free play with my friends and play material of my choice.

  • playing team games like listen and act with my parents.

  • Celebrating Christmas with my friends by playing games and enjoying the cake.

  • Watching the presentation on Gurupurab, Children’s day and Annual Christmas program.

  • participating in carol singing and donating gifts.

  • having a cultural exchange on ‘Gurpurab’ and ‘Christmas’ with friends and my family.

  • enjoying the outdoor visit to Sanskriti Museum with my friends and teachers.

  • appreciating my friends on their birthdays for all the great things they do.

  • segregating dry and wet waste in the school to help the environment be clean and safe. 

  • bonding with nature by watering the plants and observing changes in them.

  • practicing life skills like dusting, cleaning, re-arranging my workstation and keeping things back in place after use.



I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by………

  • exploring different corners like ‘The sculptor’s corner’, ‘The archaeologist corner’ and ‘Magnet zone’

  • participating in outdoor activities like Adventure camp, rolling sideways, throwing and catching a ball.

  • practicing yoga by doing Uttan asana, Adho Mukha Shvanasana and Parvatasana.

  • participating in drill and coordinating my body movements with the music.

  • doing finger aerobics before tracing /drawing a number/letter.

  • learning life skills like tying laces, how to put on a jacket, wearing gloves.

  • working with safety scissors to cut paper into interesting shapes and cut letters to paste them on the worksheet.

  • doing a free hand drawing on topics like ‘what I saw during special assembly’, ‘making a sketch of Chacha Nehru’, things I can do/can’t
    do, means of transport I saw in school and outdoor visit.


  • folding sheets to make figures of different professionals, making rhombus and airplane.

  • illustrating a given situation and emergency vehicle using paints and brushes.

  • using leaves to create figures and collage.

  • making nativity card using shapes.

  • tracing and drawing the letter with paints ‘x, w and z’.



I have enhanced my language by…………

  • learning how to blend and read the CVC words with the distinct vowel sound ‘i’ and ‘u’.

  • reading the given CVC word and colouring the associated picture.

  • using the new sight words – had, was, you, his, her to frame meaningful sentences.

  • learning new CVC words through the activity listen and draw

  • reading and comprehending sentences

  • reading simple phonic story.

  • making short and simple sentences using moveable words.

  • learning to read my name in Hindi and look for the given Akshars in it.

  • Finding new words with प, म, भ, त, द, थ, फ, ब, व

  • naming and drawing objects corresponding to different Akshars.

  • Using new words like archaeologist, florist, caricaturist and other words like names of days and month.

  • identifying my name on the attendance sheet and marking my attendance with a unique signature.

  • marking my attendance using mental math card.

  • listening to the story ‘The Goose on  Loose’ and ‘Zookeeper Zoe’ and talking about my favourite character of the story.

  • sharing my reflections on a given situation related to the stories that I heard.

  • doing shadow puppetry and  making a puppet of my favourite character from the story.

  • recalling the story using puppet theatre.

  • dramatizing the story – ‘Zookeeper Zoe and The story of the first Christmas.

  • narrating a story to my friends.

  • interacting with professionals in school .

  • making stick puppets to narrate story.

  • creating a word wall of the words that I heard in the story – ‘Zookeeper Zoe’ and ‘The First Christmas’.

  • talking about what I experienced during the visit to Sanskriti Museum.

  • listening and understanding the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to do the best.

  • warming up my vocal cords by balloon exercise.

  •  singing new songs  like ‘Here comes the fire truck’, ‘Everybody in everybody out’, ‘We all go travelling etc.
    during my music class.


I have enhanced my intellect by…………

  • listening to news on ‘Gurpurab’, ‘Founder’s Day’, ‘World kindness day’, ‘Hornbill festival of India’ and
    other interesting topics.


  • making interesting observations while doing and observing my friends doing science experiments.

  • making a graph using the available information.

  • counting in tens using blocks and ten frame.

  • counting till number 15.

  • understanding number bonds till 10 and doing related activities.

  • reading simple sentences with mathematical vocabulary (more/less), writing the answer and drawing corresponding objects.

  • looking for the means of transportation in school and talking about them.

  • matching pictures with corresponding akshars.

  • pictorial dictation on akshars प, म, भ, त, द, थ, फ, ब, व

  • learning to play Swar Tarang.

  • Creating best out of waste.

  • solving a pictorial crossword.

  • creating my own art work.

  • solving problem in a given situation.

  • observing an insect through a bug catcher and illustrating it.

  • understanding the 3 elements of Earth and means of transport using the 3 jars.

  • revisiting the properties of a rhombus with paper folding.

  • understanding different kinds of fingerprints like arch, loop, whorl.

  • sharing my reflections on a given situation like "If you could be a zookeeper, which animals would you like to take care
    of. What would you do for them?"


  • making a water filter to understand the process of filtration.

  • observing changes in the adopted tree due to the winter season and illustrating it.

  • discussing about alternate means of transportation such as a sled and making a sled on my own

  • understanding how an airplane works, the history of aviation and making an airplane with paper folding.

  • discussing the emergency vehicles like an ambulance, fire truck, etc 

  • learning about the numbers to dial for emergency vehicles 

  • marking the birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev Ji on the map of India.

  • using my tactile sense to feel and name the tools used by different professionals.

  • revisiting number concepts through various worksheets on number sequencing, count and colour/stick, spot the odd one
    out, maze etc.


  • knowing and marking neighbouring countries of India like 1. China 2. Pakistan 3. Nepal 4. Bangladesh 5. Bhutan.

  • discussing the planets in our solar system and sharing the planet I would like to visit.

  • solving 8-10  pieces theme related puzzles. 

  • revisiting 2D shapes and knowing their application by making crafts such as Nativity card,

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