Aap Aur Hum

Prep Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Aap Aur Hum – June 2021

Theme – Going ahead with ‘Myself, Shapes and Colours’ (Prep)


  • I am developing my gross and fine motor skills by………

  • participating in the agility ladder through variations like hop, jump with single leg and both legs.

  • increasing the flexibility of my body through tree and dog asan.

  • coordinating my whole body while dancing to the skeleton song and the energiser ‘tooty tata’.

  • doing brain exercise with a scarf to work on the midline crossing.

  • participating in three legged race with my parents.

  • using the safety scissors to cut objects in the semi-circular shape.

  • free hand drawing of how I spent my holidays, how am I feeling today.

  • tracing and drawing the letter ‘c’ and ‘z’ maintaining directionality.

  • making subitization cards of number 4 and 5 with the given material.

  • learning to fold napkin with a single hand.                                                        








  • I am developing and enhancing my language by…………

  • learning new words for emotions like gloomy, annoyed, delighted.

  • understanding words like astronomy, planets, skeleton, lungs etc.

  • listening to story………..and finding out new words in it.

  • talking about the characters from the story

  • expressing my thoughts during discussions on themes like – How am I feeling today?

  • describing a picture shown during picture reading activity.

  • singing number song like ‘ the number of the day is…’ and the lady bug song.

  • revisiting phonics through pictorial dictation.

  • Revisiting vowel sounds through the whole word activity like identifying the sound of the middle alphabet in the word cat.

  • warming up my vocal chords while making sounds of my group.






  • I am developing my intellect by…………

  • recalling my experiences of the summer holidays through an illustration.

  • participating in games that make me think and act promptly like stand up if you think the answer is yes and sit if you think the answer is no.

  • analysing abstract art and trying to create one on my own.

  • doing number facts of number 6.

  • engaging my mind with mental math like.

  • counting the number of letters in my name and comparing it with names of others in my group

  • counting objects without seeing them.

  • understanding the properties of a semi-circle.

  • comprehending the mathematical phrases like - draw a cat one more than five.

  • talking about parts of my body like skeleton, lungs and their functions.

  • doing hands off activities like creating a working model of my lungs.

  • creating a model of a human skeleton.

  • discussing about planet Earth and its position in the solar system.

  • understanding pre number concepts through activities like listen and draw.

  • Improvising the story to think and reflect on the situation in different ways like ‘What if’…..

  • discussing about important events like ‘World Yoga Day’.















  • I am enhancing my social and emotional skills by…………

  • greeting my friends through new songs

  • expressing gratitude through the prayer ‘This little light of mine’

  • calming down my body and mind through meditation and deep breathing exercises.

  • reflecting on my feelings and analysing the reason behind.

  • talking about the meaning of my name.

  • reflecting on things I can do and cannot do.

  • singing and moving to the song