Aap Aur Hum

Prep Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Aap Aur Hum – March 2022

Theme – The animal world (Prep)


  • Election results 2022 –

  • Winner - Red Panda,

     1st runner up - Woolly Mammoth,

     2nd runner up -Western Tragopan.


  • Holi celebration with my friends and teachers. 

  • Visit to St. Mary’s school.


  • Visit to Jamali Kamali.




I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by………


  • participating in outdoor activities like -  helping to keep the school tidy and to
    segregate the trash into non-biodegradable bins and bio-degradable  bins to make
    compost in school.


  • participating in obstacle races and physical games.

  • participating in drill and coordinating my body movements with the music.

  • by stretching the gross muscles while focusing on cross lateral exercises and legs
    and shoulder muscle exercises.


  • catching and throwing the ball with and increasing level of difficulty.

  • playing fun games like balloon waddle race and passing the balloon.

  • exercising my body and brain through brain gym exercises.

  • doing finger aerobics before tracing /drawing a number/letter.

  • cutting shapes with scissors to create stick puppets.

  • creating miniature homes for wild animals.

  • doing a free hand drawing on topics like ‘my favourite space in school’, ‘insects/bugs I observe’, ‘food chain’ and  ‘My most memorable experience’, ‘etc.

  • drawing numbers ‘9 and 10’ with pencil.

  • drawing letters of alphabets - ‘h, f, k, j, y, g, e, q, u’.

  • tracing the Hindi letters ‘ड, द, ब, ल’.




I have enhanced my language by…………


  • reading and comprehending sentence cards.

  • reading sentence cards and illustrating their meanings through drawings.

  • solving riddles and taking a pictorial dictation on animals in the wild.

  • recognizing and reading number names from 0 to 20.

  • Comprehending mathematical vocabulary and phrases.

  • participating in theme related discussions during the theme talk and circle time on
    topics like ‘Animals in the wild’, ‘Emotions of a tree’, ‘Animals that can camouflage’,
    ‘Food chain’, etc.


  • enriching my vocabulary with new theme words  like camouflage, names of continents,
    food chain, paleontologist, threatened, endangered, extinct. etc.


  • reading words related to theme like tragopan, kangaroo, red panda, snake, elephant etc and illustrating them.

  • reading and comprehending the phonic stories ‘Ten pens for Meg'’, ‘Shark in a shirt' , ‘Snail brings the mail’ and ‘Raccoon on the moon’.

  • weaving a story in my own words and illustrating it.

  • listening to stories such as ‘A Bug and a Nut’, ‘Goldy luck and the three pandas’, ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’ sent over the weekend and doing an array of activities.

  • listening attentively to theme related stories ‘Never let a dinosaur scribble’, ‘Crow in the snow’ and attempting to answer the questions relating to the story.

  • listening to the theme related story – ‘Zookeeper Zoe’, and engaging in related activities such as dramatization, mind mapping and talking about my favourite character.

  • learning to read my name and my friends name in Hindi and looking for the given Akshars in it.

  • naming and drawing objects corresponding to Akshar - ‘ड, द , ब , ल, घ, झ, ढ, ध’.

  • reading 2 letter Hindi words  ‘पथ, खग, थक, रग, फट, डर, घर’ and understanding there meaning.

  • matching Hindi letters to their corresponding picture.

  • learning and singing new theme songs like ‘7 continents song’, ‘Little bird’, ‘The Goldfish song’, ‘Spring song’ and ‘Crabs and sea shells’. 


I have enhanced my intellect by…………

  • listening to news presentation on ‘World wildlife Day’, ‘Aarogya Vanam’,
    ICC Women World Cup’, ‘Making of organic colours for Holi’ ,‘Animals found in Delhi’,
    ‘World Sparrow Day’ and other interesting topics.


  • going for a discovery walk that helps me to revisit numbers.

  • coordinating in a large group and learning to do challenging steps and make
    formations during the P.T . Drill.


  • analyzing and making a decision on my own on who to vote for in the
    school election.


  • understanding the riddles related to the theme and responding with an appropriate answer.

  • Understanding magnets, optical illusion and shadows through interesting experiments.

  • creating scientific toys like ‘pecking sparrow’ and ‘magnetic hopper’.

  • learning about animals that camouflage through visuals and craft.

  • practicing speed counting by solving problems such as ‘There were 10 tragopans sitting
    on a tree. 3 of them fly away. How many tragopans are left on the tree?” and depicting
    he answer through drawing.


  • revisiting mathematical phrases and vocabulary like how much is 1 one more than 2,
    how much is 3 less than 4 etc.


  • learning sight facts of numbers up to 20 and applying the concept while doing the


  • understanding the composition of numbers from  13 to 20 through hands on  activities
    like making a block of ten and five more/ten more to understand the concept.


  • learning how to represent numbers on a number line.

  • creating an elephant craft and water gun using cylinder and cone shape.

  • applying logical reasoning to do number coding.

  • thinking critically on interesting situations like – ‘What would happen if we keep
    cutting down
    our forests?’, ‘what will happen if a tiger starts eating grass?’, etc.


  • playing interesting indoor games to revisit number facts such as Sudoku, clap and snap, etc.

  • composing and decomposing numbers through a number bond game.

  • revisiting number concepts through various worksheets on find the missing dot, number Sudoku, etc.

  • making rhythm with musical instruments  like Swar- tarang.



I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…………


  • greeting my friends and teacher every day with a warm smile and song like ‘Hello, Hello, How are you……”

  • starting the day with a prayer like ‘Father lead me…..’ to show my gratitude to God.

  • being able to stay calm and meditate as I hear the meditation gong.

  • talking about important topics like ‘Save electricity’, ‘water pollution’, ‘how to take care of reading corner in class’, ‘Waste segregation -wet waste/dry waste’.

  • being crowned  and talking about what characteristics of an animal would I like to imbibe in my personality.

  • participating in various well-being activities such as listening to the gratitude moment, mindful walking, glitter jar, recalling my journey.

  • expressing my emotions through an emotion cards.

  • dramatizing the story of the month through various mediums such as puppet theater, shadow puppetry and role plays.

  • taking care of my environment and helping to clean up.

  • participating in circle time discussions like ‘Colourful breathing’, Magic of silence.

  • engaging in free play in organized corner like animal rescuers, the magnet zone,
    Let's measure without units.


  • cooking without fire to try my hand on new recipes.

  • making a newspaper bag at home with the given material.

  • celebrating organic Holi with friends and teachers.

  • exploring spaces in Jamali Kamamli with friends during an outdoor trip.

  • celebrating birthdays with friends and saying good things about them to make them feel special on their birthday