Aap Aur Hum

Prep Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Aap Aur Hum – September 2021

Theme – Plant Life (Prep)


I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by………

  • participating in outdoor activities like broad jump, agility ladder and
    bunny hop.

  • going on a nature walk observing insects and creepy crawlies through
    a magnifying glass.

  • practising yoga asanas like Vajrasana and Virabhadrasana.


  • learning life skills like opening/ closing a lock and weaving a table mat
    with paper strips.


  • moving to the rhythm of energisers like –‘Follow me’.

  • participating in drills  and coordinating my body movements with the drum beats.


  • doing a free hand drawing on  - theme story, stages of germination ,safety at
    home and parts of my body.


  • moulding the play dough into the parts of a plant like flower, roots, stem etc.

  • using paint and brush to create interesting abstract art relating to the theme.

  • tracing and drawing the letter ‘m, b, d , p’ and numbers ‘4,5,6’.


  • rolling the paper into a ‘sphere’ using paper mache technique and decorating it.



I have enhanced my language by………… 


  • learning how to blend and read the CVC words with the distinct vowel sound ‘o’.

  • doing a pictorial dictation of new CVC words, sight words, colour and number
    names that I am learning to read.


  • using the new sight words to frame meaningful sentences.


  • identifying letters and sounds in my mother’s name.

  • learning to read common words like names of the days of the week, month.

  • enriching my vocabulary with new words like architect, respiration, stem,
    stomata etc.


  • identifying my name on a name list.


  • reading the sentences and depicting its meaning through drawings.

  •  listening carefully and drawing the corresponding images to develop my
    comprehension skills. 


  • weaving a story with picture cards.


  • dramatizing a character in the story ‘Oliver’s vegetables’ during the role play.

  • recalling words from the story and making a word wall.


  • participating in theme related discussions like ‘Being safe at home’,
    ‘Knowing about the food I eat’ , ‘ talking about parts of a plant’ and
    ‘Comparing parts of a plant with parts of the human body’.


  • acting as a reporter and interviewing my family members.


  • learning scientific words like ‘cardon-di-oxide’ and ‘respiration’ through
    experiments to know ‘How to plants breathe’ and ‘Properties of water’.


  • singing songs like ‘The farmer plants the seed’ and ‘Number 7 song ’ with
    my friends.



I am enhancing my intellect by…………

  • listening to news related to ‘Para Olympics’ and ‘Teacher’s Day’ and other
    interesting topics.


  • taking part in pretend play like shop play with my friends and learning to
    buy and sell things



  • sowing a seed and observing and documenting different stages of  germination.

  • making interesting observations while doing science experiment to know
    ‘properties of water’ and ‘how do leaves breathe.


  • collecting leaves to observe the difference in their shape, size and category.


  • learning more about the leaf  and its skeleton.


  • learning number concepts like sight facts of 7.


  • learning mathematical vocabulary and phrases through a number game.


  • decoding numbers represented in different ways through the activity ‘Number Bingo’ 


  • making my own subitization cards of number 6 and 7.



  • observing objects in a picture and counting them quickly.


  • learning new number concepts like ‘what comes before’.


  • understanding a sphere through its properties.



  • carefully observing pictures and making predictions.



  • taking part in make belief play to imagine an object to something that it isn’t.



I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…………

  • participating in circle time discussions on ‘Being safe at home’, ‘Being Empathetic’.



  • talking about emotions I felt while listening to the story ‘ Oliver’s vegetables’.

  • learning new life skills like opening and closing a lock  and keeping things back
    in place after use.



  • engaging in free play with my friends with materials of my choice.




  • being creative and making the doll house with my friends  which would be our space to play and enjoy.