Aap Aur Hum

Kg Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Aap Aur Hum– June 2021

Theme – Going ahead with ‘Myself, Shapes and Colours’ (KG)


  • I am developing my gross and fine motor skills by……… 

  • dancing to the rhythm of energisers like ‘ my energy, ’simon says’, ‘I’m a square’
    and the ‘colours, colours everywhere’


  • participating in circuit training, zumba and simple exercises to enhance my agility.


  • moving swiftly around the house and hunting for objects called out.


  • practising catching, throwing and kicking the ball with my parents.


  • doing yoga tree asana and learning to sit in meditation position to correct my posture.


  • learning more about myself, shapes (circle and square) and colours (red and blue)  through fun games.


  • doing  life skills like transferring of grains to enhance my eye- hand coordination.


  • illustrating the story  ‘I like Myself’ by Karen Beaumont and sharing what I like doing most.


  • strengthening my grip while working with paper to create a star through paper art.



  • I am developing and enhancing my language by………

  • learning new words through mind mapping of ‘Myself’ and building my vocabulary.

  • expressing my feelings and thoughts about the ongoing theme and concepts.


  • listening to my friends and teacher when they recall what they did during the day and depict it through a timeline.


  • sharing interesting facts about myself like my favourite colour, toy and the story behind my name.


  • listening to theme story ‘I like Myself’ by Karen Beaumont and doing interesting follow up activities.

  • listening to rhymes and songs like ‘I spy with my little eye’ and singing along with my friends and teacher.

  • learning to recognize my name when displayed on the screen and making my name plate.




  • I am developing my intellect by …….

  • recalling my experiences of the summer holidays through an illustration.


  • focussing on a task while doing different activities like painting, tearing and
    pasting, paper folding and imaginative play with recreational materials.


  • enhancing my spatial awareness through activities like -
    - exploring my surrounding and fetching objects while I am blindfolded
    - identifying changes in my surroundings.


  • analysing the abstract art and the use of colors and strokes in it to create one on my own.


  • exploring properties of shapes and looking for objects in my immediate surroundings to match them.

  • collecting objects in different shades of a colour and arranging them from dark to light.

  • thinking critically to respond to situations like – ‘If I could go on a vacation I would’…, ‘ ‘ If I had Rs. 100 I would ‘… and many more like these.

  • doing scientific experiments like ‘wet and dry experiences’ with different objects, mixing of primary colours to discover a new colour and recording my observations in a sequence.


  • discussing about important events like ‘World Yoga Day’.



  • I am enhancing my social and emotional skills by…


  • greeting my friends every day with a warm smile new songs like ‘hello everybody’ and ‘good morning, how are you’.

  • starting the day with a prayer ‘Five fingers here...’ to express gratitude.


  • getting to know more about my new friends through informal talks


  • learning to share my likes and dislikes and emotions (happy/sad) during Circle Time.

  • celebrating birthdays with my peers and appreciating good qualities I see in them.

  • dancing to the rhythm of songs ‘Let me introduce Myself’ and ‘Start and Jump’ .