Aap Aur Hum

Kg Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Aap Aur Hum– September 2021

Theme – Plant life & food   (KG)


I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by………

  • participating in physical activities like jumping over the hurdle, hop scotch,
    balancing, running ‘zig zag, agility ladder  to keep fit.


  • doing simple yoga postures like Bridge asana (bandhasana)

  • moving my body during PT drill on drum beats.

  • energising my mind and body through action songs like – “I love the
    sun that shines on me”1, 2, 3 God loves me.


  • doing Montessori activities like transferring liquid through a funnel, lacing etc.

  • doing a free hand drawing of my favourite fruits / vegetables, and other concepts
    related to numeracy and literacy like count an draw.


  • using paints and a brush to illustrate stories, songs and topics related to the
    on-going themes.


  • tearing/ pasting, folding paper to make beautiful collage and articles like origami
    tulip flowers.


  • moulding clay into fruits, vegetables and other interesting shapes.

  • using bottle caps and ice-cream stick and match boxes to make objects like rocket,
    house wind mill, fan etc.


I have enhanced my language by………

  • talking about how plants grow from a seed and sharing my observations.

  • doing a role play to express how  a seed grows into a plant.

  • narrating a story with objects and props corresponding to phonic sounds.

  • naming various fruits and vegetables according to colour and texture.

  • talking about fruits and how they are eaten (peel & unpeel).

  • talking about their favourite vegetable and how they are consumed.

  • enhancing my imagination while listening to the story of ‘ The little red hen’.

  • learning the phonic sound of letters s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k.

  • recalling new words from the story ‘under my bed’ to create a word wall.

  • decoding wrappers of milk products while talking about their nutritional value.

  • labelling of common objects at home like chair, table, wall ,door etc.

  • participating in discussions on topics like, ‘the change in season and how to adapt
    to it’, what is healthy and unhealthy food? etc.


  • singing new songs like I railgadi, Kitchen band, chana keise boya, Juicy red tomatoes.




I have developed my intellect by ….

  • learning number concepts with numbers 1 to 5.

  • tracing numbers 1 and 2 with two fingers

  • participating in the discussion on oceans and marking 3 oceans on the map.

  • learning about unusual plants like ‘touch me not’ and ‘pitcher plant’.

  • solving number puzzles on parts of a plant.

  • participating in the process of seed germination and observing the changes that happen.

  • using my imagination to create my own abstract art related to the theme.

  • enhancing my phonic awareness by participating in mind mapping of the phonic
    sound (c, k, n, h)


  • learning to classify the vegetables and fruits on the basis of their color, texture,
    taste and how they are consumed.


  • identifying fruits and vegetables in a jumbled picture.

  • participating in activities like shop play to understand simple number concepts.

  • Learning how to turn kitchen waste into compost.

  • learning simple mathematical vocabulary to do mental math.

  • doing science experiment to observe how a plant is watered with a string and how
    a balloon can be inflated without blowing the air in.


  • illustrating what I recall from the story, experiments and other theme related activities.

  • listening to interesting news like ‘ Making compost with kitchen waste’, ‘ ‘Para Olympics’,
    ‘ Special specie of Jackfruit’ and ‘ Knowing about Dr.Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.


I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…

  • observing good practises like greeting teacher/peers, saying thank you and please.

  • learning to wait for my turn while responding.

  • doing things like making a vegetable and salad, pegging of number cards , washing
    and drying of vegetables on my own to experience a sense of achievement.


  • learning to use a dust pan to keep my classroom clean.

  • arranging the toys back in place after the free play.

  • learning life skill like washing and drying vegetables, learning how to button and unbutton.

  • participating in discussions related to my family e.g., the fruits and vegetables that we like.

  • taking part in discussions like how to keep my body healthy and safe, wastage of food etc.

  • bonding with my plant during the germination activity as I look after it.

  • thinking what Gandhi ji’s fourth monkey would say?

  • interacting with my friends during shop play while enacting the role of buyer or shopkeeper.