Aap Aur Hum

Kg Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Aap Aur Hum– March 2022

Theme – ‘Aquatic animals’ (KG)

































First Runner Up – Rabbit

Second Runner Up – Goat

Third Runner Up – Honey Bee

Fourth Runner Up - Rooster



I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by………

  • participating in physical activities like jumping over the hurdles, hopscotch,
    balancing, running ‘zig-zag, agility ladder to keep fit.


  • doing yoga-like turtle pose.

  • doing PT drill and PEC.

  • playing number game like ‘Mr. Wolf’, what time is it?

  • energising my mind and body through action songs like – “-God's love is so wonderful...,
    “1,2,3 God loves me”,” Listen to the water”.


  • Illustrating the life cycle of a butterfly.

  • Going on a bug watch.

  • going on a mindful nature walk with my friends.

  • doing a freehand drawing of concepts related to numeracy and literacy.

  •  doing a worksheet on water animals.

  • making an animal collage using materials collected during nature walk.

  • making animals using blocks.

  • Using paper to create animals like octopus and spider.





I have enhanced my language by………

  • participating in a theme talk to discuss about caterpillar and discuss the life cycle
    of a butterfly.


  • Matching aquatic animals with their name card.

  • talking about insects and comparing their characteristics with animals.

  • making CVC words using movable alphabets.

  • narrating a story with objects and props.

  • recalling new words from the story ‘My amazing Dad’ to create a word wall.

  • associating numbers to the properties of shapes like what is a 3-sided shape called.

  • matching objects with their name slip focusing on the first sound.

  • doing a pictorial dictation to internalise the phonic sounds and objects associated
    with them.


  • doing mind mapping of theme-related words like aquatic animals.

  • singing new songs like ‘listen to the water’ and walking in the jungle.

  • talking about candidates to vote for in school elections.





I have developed my intellect by ….

  • listening to news presentation on, ‘Holi’, ‘Padmashri award’, ‘Introduction to the
    elections’ and other interesting topics.


  • Identifying odd one out from the given pictures.

  • learning about interesting facts about spider, and octopus.

  • talking about special characteristics of Aquatic animals like blue whale - biggest
    animal on earth, dolphin-friendly fish, tortoise - shell, sea horse.


  • observing insects, birds, and other animals in my surrounding to understand their
    living and eating habits.


  • listening carefully to riddles on animals and solving them.

  • picking up an animal card from the feely bag and talking about.

  • classifying animals on the basic of their habitat.

  • learning properties of the 3D shape cylinders.

  • making an octopus with a cylinder to understand the dimensions.

  • learning simple mathematical vocabulary to do mental math.

  • applying math concepts while working with math materials in the math basket.

  • making my own subitization cards to recognise the number in the patterns.

  • doing science experiments.

  • illustrating what I recall from the story and experiment.

  • pretend play while ‘being a palaeontologist’.




I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…


  • observing good practises like greeting teacher/peers, saying thank you and please.

  • participating in discussions on topics like my feelings and why they change, growing
    up e.g., moving on to the next level.


  • learning to wait for my turn during the discussions and team games.

  • collaborating and cooperating in team activities like nature collage with my friends.

  • talking about a unique quality I would like to take from an animal and why?

  • expressing my emotions by picking up an emotion card and talking about ‘how I am
    feeling today’.


  • participating in various well-being activities such as ‘gratitude moment’.

  • lighting a lamp and saying good things about my friends on their birthday.

  • doing activities on my own to experience a sense of achievement.

  • learning to keep my surroundings clean and arranging the food mat back in place.

  • using a dustpan to clean the food that my friends and I dropped while eating.

  • Celebrating festivals like ‘Holi’ with organic colours.

  • learning to be independent by practicing life skills like how to answer a phone call and the door.