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Aap Aur Hum

Kg Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, V
asant Kunj, New Delhi

(November& December 2022)

Theme – Professions and Jobs people do and Means of transportation

Highlights of the month-



I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…………

  • greeting my friends and teacher in different ways like passing a handshake, fist bump,  giving a hug, passing a high five, saying hello, adab, satsria kal, shuprôbhat, namsate and bonjour.

  • expressing my gratitude through prayer like ‘walking in the light of lord’, ‘God is so good’, ‘Choti jeevan gadi’,

  • lighting a lamp singing and wishing my friends on their birthdays.

  • talking about different professionals like doctors, dentist, architects, electricians, police officer, teacher, firefighters,
    guard, vegetable vendor etc. and jobs they do.


  • meeting the professionals at school and understanding the work they do.

  • pretending to be a professionals like an astronaut, fire fighter, an archeologist etc. during roleplay.

  • listening to news presentation on topics like – Awareness on dengue, Personal hygiene, Children’s day,
    Founder’s day.


  • engaging in free play at new corners like Vet’s clinic, I am a baker, I am a dentist, I am a botanist, I am an
    astronaut, I am an archeologist and at the construction site.


  • singing and moving on the theme based rhymes and songs like ’when I grow up’, ‘doctor makes us well’.

  • Illustrating my Christmas wish for this year.

  • enjoying cooking without fire activity – making salad

  • celebrating the festival of Christmas with my friends- cutting the cake and being part of the get together.



I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by….

  • doing activities like jumping jacks, stretching sideways, jump, jog.

  • doing PT drills practice on drum beat with numbers and music to co-ordinate my movements in a large group .

  • illustrating objects corresponding to sound ‘e’ , ‘h’ ,'r', ‘m’ on the worksheets

  • introduction of number '6’ and ‘7' using sandpaper

  • illustrating objects corresponding to numbers 4,5,6 and 7.

  • making Nehru cap with paper folding on Children’s day

  • marking the 4 cardinal directions north, south, east and west on the map of India.

  • unbuttoning and buttoning of shirt.

  • tracing ‘s’ and ‘a’ on the worksheet by sticking sand with the help of glue on it.

  • tracing different phonic sounds done till now on the sand.

  • illustrating my observation of the science experiment performed by my friend.

  • designing a shirt and making an X-ray of my palm.

  • going for a bug watch and illustrating my observation on the worksheet.

  • Illustrating ‘ My Aspirations’.

  • using clay to make the 3D and 2D shapes like a sphere and circle and understanding how are they different.

  • Illustrating – visit to the Sanskriti Museum

  • Making eco-friendly gift wrapper and popsicle Christmas tree.       

  • Illustrating what I saw in ‘winter season presentation’ and Nativity play.



I have enhanced my language by…………

  • participating in the circle time and discussing about teachings of Guru Nanak, talking about different
    professionals and the job they


  • do, tools they use, things we can and cannot do, guessing the riddles related to different professionals and vehicles.

  • identifying my name slip from the name slips spread on the mat and identifying the sounds done till now in their name.

  • decoding the first sound in the names of different professionals and vehicles.

  • listening to the stories

  • teaming up with my friends to dramatize the story using the puppet theatre.

  • learning the new sounds ‘h’, ‘r’, ‘d’, ‘m’, ‘o’ and participating in Show and Tell of the objects corresponding to the sounds.

  • drawing the articles named by the teacher in the correct sound box (i.e. corresponding to different sound) during pictorial dictation.



I have developed my intellect by………

  • mind mapping - thinking and telling what comes to my mind when I hear the word ‘gardener’, ‘bus’ and ‘aeroplane’.

  • learning how to add one more with the help of blocks.

  • understanding the numbers 6 and 7 by various activities like drawing myfavorite objects corresponding to the number.

  • recognizing the number on the number card and doing the action as instructed. For example, if it’s number 4 card and teacher
     jump the child will jump 4 times.

  • going for bug watching, looking for different insects, seeing the bug with magnifying glass and counting their legs and observing
    other parts of their body carefully.


  • learning the cardinal directions north, south, east and west and understanding them in relation to the map of India.

  • learning about a pentagon through its properties..

  • exploring a 3D shape sphere and how it is different from the circle.

  • exploring the new corners like Vet’s clinic, I am a dentist, I am a baker, I am an astronaut, I am an archeologist and at the
    onstruction site.

  • participating in ‘dry hands’ science experiment as well as seeing and observing the science experiments performed by
    my friend.


  • analyzing the shape of wheel along with other shapes like triangle, square etc. and trying to understand why wheels are
    round in shape.


  • building the tower with the blocks as per the subitization card shown.

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