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Aap Aur Hum

September 2020

Themes – Plant Life and Food (KG)

My Physical and Motor development took place as I……

  • participated in physical activities like catch and throw, aiming and throwing from a distance, going through maze etc.  

  • enhanced the flexibility of my body by doing simple yoga postures like Bhadrasana, Tadasana etc.

  • tried to coordinate my movements with the music during umbrella drill and zumba sessions.

  • refreshed my mind while doing various energisers like – “Shake your sillies out…”, “Go Bananas….”, “body boogie 1,2,3.”

  • did Montessori life skill activities like how to spread butter/jam, how to grow a seed.

  • tried to draw vegetables I know, number concepts (0-3) and phonic sounds.

  • used paints and brushes to illustrate stories, songs and topics related to the ongoing themes.

  • did free hand drawing, printing, tearing and pasting etc.

  • played freely with different materials like ice-cream sticks, bottle caps and empty match boxes to make articles/objects like house, train, cart, piggy bank etc.

My Language development took place as I…

  • talked about food, vegetables and fruits I like and dislike.

  • interacted with my peers to share my emotions.

  • learnt to identify the phonic sounds of letters (s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k).

  • learnt to name the objects corresponding to the given phonic sounds.

  • participated in ‘Show and Tell’ to bring objects and talk about them.

  • listened to and narrated stories.

  • built my vocabulary through activities like mind mapping.

  • created word wall after listening to the story as it helps to build my vocabulary.

  • observed and talking about changes in the weather.

  • learnt to sing new songs like “Sabji le lo….” “Farmer grows a seed…” in my music time.

  • read picture cards to enhance my speaking skills. It also helps me think differently.

  • learnt to describe my illustrations on stories, songs and the theme of the month.

My Cognitive development took place as I……

  • observed how a plant grow from a seed – ‘Seed Germination’.

  • participated in theme talks to learn names of different vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

  • learnt about how to buy and sell vegetables during shop play.

  • sorted vegetables on the bases of ‘colour’, texture, size and other properties.

  • made interesting observations about vegetables through simple experiments like- sink and float

  • did simple scientific experiments using food items like salt, vinegar, rice. For eg. making volcano, fishing ice etc.

  • learnt how to sequence using shapes and objects.

  • solved 5 piece puzzles independently.

  • participated in games and activities to understand and apply the number concepts.

  • learnt to spot the difference and the odd one out in a given picture.

  • tried to identify and match letters to their phonic sounds.

  • played games like finding objects corresponding to different phonic sound.

  • tried to draw objects corresponding to their phonic sound during ‘Pictorial Dictation’

My Socio emotional development took place as I…

  • shared my everyday experiences with my friends and teacher during informal talk.

  • talked about my favourite food, vegetable, fruit.

  • bonded with my parents while participating in various activities like catch / throw, selling / buying (shop play),etc.

  • learnt to raise hand and wait for my turn while responding.

  • observed good practices like greeting teacher/peers, saying thank you and please.

  • did things on my own to experience a sense of achievement.

  • learnt to keep my surrounding clean by arranging things back in place.

  • participated in activities like the King/Queen.

  • celebrated birthdays by singing a birthday song for my friends.

  • listened to news presentations to enhance my awareness.

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