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Aap aur Hum – December 2020
Theme – Jobs we take up (Kg)

My Gross and Fine motor development is taking place as I am………

  • participating in physical activities like maze race and Zumba.


  • refreshing my mind by playing various energizing games like – ‘Drive My Car’, This is how I do it, etc by Laurie Berkner.


  • doing interesting yoga asana like single-leg raises to enhance balance, stability and flexibility in my body.


  • learning to coordinate my movements with the music during the Christmas dance practice.

  • revisiting Montessori activities like pegging, using a butter knife to cut etc.


  • learning life skills like how to pack my bag and wearing my socks and shoes properly.


  • participating in interesting games like creating a tree with paper cups, filling and pegging my stockings and activities with balloons and much more.



  • reusing objects like empty boxes, containers to play with them during the free play.


  • working with different materials to create interesting crafts like the manger card and Christmas decorations using shape cut-outs.



My Language is developing as I am…………

  • participating in discussions during the theme talk and circle time on topics like ‘Jobs we take up’ , how can I be the best.


  • doing presentation during show and tell on ‘My aspirations’ and the Christmas gift.

  • talking about the things I observe in my surroundings like seasonal changes, exploring the nature around me.

  • thinking and speaking about possible solutions to given situations like What will you do when you are scared of the dentist but you need to visit him/her? What do you think would have happened if Mary and Joseph were unable to find the kind innkeeper?


  • learning to listen attentively while identifying the sounds of letters - s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, h, m, r, d, e, l, f, g while taking part in the phonic drills.

  • doing mind mapping of the new phonic sounds and learning new words to enhance my vocabulary.

  • listening to the story of the month ‘The first story of Christmas’ through different mediums and participating in follow-up activities like story dramatization, word wall etc.                                                  


  • learning names of numbers 3 and 4.                                              

  • learning to use words on the word wall in simple sentences.

  • exercising my vocal cords through different activities as it enhances my singing.



  • learning to sing Christmas songs and carols with my friends.                                              



My Cognitive development is taking place as I am…………

  • enhancing my memory while recalling my experiences to relate to the ongoing theme during discussions like – visit to a clinic, tailor, market etc.

  • learning to focus on a task while doing different activities.

  • using my imagination and creativity to do follow up activities like drawing, painting.


  • arranging and sticking shapes to create interesting patterns.


  • observing and talking about the seasonal changes that happen around me.

  • recalling and illustrating the sequence of the observations like first aid kit etc.


  • enhancing my general awareness while listening to news and discussing various topics like winter season and how to take care of myself in the changing weather.

  • revisiting number concepts through activities like identify, count, and draw the quantity of the number.


  • refining my visual sense by spotting the odd one out from the ones given in the pictures.


  • Count things in my immediate surroundings and draw them with the corresponding numbers.


  • learning the concept of placing numbers in the correct sequence by arranging the numbered bottle lids on the cards.


  • listening to the variations in the sound and trying to create simple melodies with sound boxes.



My Socio-emotional development is taking place as I am…………

  • greeting my friends and teacher every day with a warm smile and song. I also start the day with a prayer to show my gratitude to God. 


  • learning to wait for my turn although I do get impatient at times.


  • celebrating birthdays with my peers.                                                                                                                    


  • expressing my emotions without hesitation and talking about why I experience changes in my emotions and feelings.                 



  • understanding the real meaning of Christmas like sharing, giving unconditionally, etc.

  • talking about what I want to be when I grow up and why?     

  • bonding with birds in my neighbourhood.       

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