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Aap Aur Hum – February 2021

Theme – ‘Animals around us’ (KG)

I am developing my gross and fine motor skills by…

  • participating in refreshing energizing games like – Lets go swimming like fish, Mouse in my toolbox , I am a dear little doggy, Animal Dance and freeze,


  • building my stamina through physical drill with a baton.


  • Doing interesting yoga asana like the cat pose and the dog pose.


  • doing activities like walking/balancing on a beam, straight, zigzag line, hopping,
    jumping over hurdles and aiming at a target.


  • revisiting life skills like rolling the mat, pegging socks on a hanger, transferring rice from one bowl to another.



  • doing freehand drawing of myself and different animals, story illustration, pictorial dictation and other topics.

  • working with different materials to create interesting crafts like a dog, giraffe with paper folding and tiger using paper plates.



I am developing and enhancing my language by………


  • learning to use appropriate words to express my emotions.[happy, sad, surprised, scared etc.}


  • talking about my favourite animal.


  • showcasing my holiday homework done during the winter break and listening to my peers.

  • presentations on theme, current weather and news etc.


  • listening to my friends narrating their favourite story


  • learning about the changes in the environment during the spring season.


  • listening attentively to identify the sounds of letters - s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, h, m, r, d, e, l, f, g, o, b, j, q, u.


  • taking an active part in the phonic drills.

  • learning to recognize the sounds of letters in a word.

  • learning to decode and read my name, names of number, names of the day, animals through games like spin wheel etc.


  • differentiating between sounds of different animals and birds.


  • knowing the names of animals and their babies.

  • listening to the story of the month ‘The Bravest Fish’ by Matt Buckingham and doing interesting follow up activities.

  • teaming up with my friends to enact the story through Whoosh and depict various emotions.


  • working out on my vocal cords through sangeet and sargam activities.



I am developing my intellect by …….


  • enhancing my memory while recalling experiences in relation to the ongoing discussions.

  • learning to focus on a task while doing different activities.

  • enhance my observation skills by participating in activities like, guessing my name, follow the pattern and solving simple puzzles independently.

  • arranging the given material like shapes, bottle lids, colors into specific patterns and sequence.

  • observing the animals/birds/bug in my neighborhood and finding facts about them.

  • learning about the animals/birds/insects in context of numbers like which animal has one horn, how many feet does a bird have?

  • revisiting number concepts through activities like subitization, cluster, listen and draw, count and draw/paint to correspond the quantity of the number and doing simple mental math like – how much is one more than two etc.

  • thinking and finding answers to simple questions –why do animals have a tail?
    Which is the fastest animal? Distinctive features of different animals/birds.

  • learning to buy and negotiate with my peers during the shop play. It gives me a
    chance to pose as a buyer/seller and use the paper money.

  • thinking critically to situations like -
    what will you do is you see someone pelting stones, sticks on animals or making noise to annoy them?

    What will you do if you find an injured bird in the balcony / outside your house?

  • doing scientific experiments like bubble making and recording my observations in a sequence.

I am enhancing my social and emotional skills by…

  • greeting my friends every day with a warm smile and a song. I also start the day with a prayer to show my gratitude to God.

  • celebrating birthdays with my peers and listening to the good things they say about me.

  • expressing my emotions without hesitation and talking about why I experience changes in my emotions and feelings.

  • learning to be patient, wait for my turn and listen to my friends and teacher when they are speaking.

  • having fun with play dough during the free play time.

  • bonding and exploring new things with like names of different flowers and birds,  playing catch and throw with my family on our visits to the park.

  • talking about the changes I see now within me, understanding and talking about my likes and dislikes, how did I spent my weekend, which animal would I like to pet and why?, etc during circle time.

  • bonding with insects, birds and animals that I see in my neighborhood and by critically thinking about them.

  • expressing my excitement about the upcoming events like the sports day/ fun day and SMILE elections.

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