Aap Aur Hum

Kg Aap Aur Hum

Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment
4 Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Aap Aur Hum– August 2022

Theme - ’Me and My home “ (KG)

Highlights of the Month
Independence Day celebration, Visit to Kiran Nadar Museum of Art and KG Food Stall.

























I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by………

  • participating in physical activities like jumping over the hurdles, hopscotch, balancing, and running.

  • doing PT drill and hurdle races.playing a number game like fire in the mountain, passing the ball.

  • energising my mind and body through action songs like – “- Everybody in everybody out.’’

  • illustrating my favourite place at home. going on a mindful nature walk with my friends.

  • going for outdoor visit to Kiran Nadar museum.doing a freehand drawing of concepts related to numeracy and literacy.

  • doing a worksheet on spotting the odd one out.

  • searching for animal homes during a nature walk.

  • Making a house using blocks.

  • making a biodegradable rakhi.

  • Making a flute for Janmashtmi.

  • making a tri-colour salad. 


  • I have enhanced my language by………

  • participating in a theme talk to discuss about Who is a neighbour? What does freedom mean to me? What do you like about your home? My favourite space at home?

  • matching the objects with their name card.

  • talking about monsoon season an insects found during this time.

  • introduction to the phonic sound ‘s, a, t, i’, warm up of phonic sounds s, a, t, i.

  • matching objects with their name slip focusing on the first sound.

  • doing mind mapping of theme-related words like family.

  • narrating a story with puppets and props.

  • recalling new words from the story “Best house at all” to create a word wall.

  • associating numbers to the properties of shapes like what is a 3-sided shape called.

  • singing new songs like ‘Penguin dance’.

  • appreciating the qualities of my family members.


  • I have developed my intellect by ….

  • listening to news presentation on, ‘’ Our National flag, ‘Raksha bandhan’, Independence day .

  • Identifying odd one out from the given pictures. learning interesting facts about our national flag, national anthem and Janmashtmi.

  • observing different kinds of houses in my surrounding.

  • picking up an object from the feely bag and talking about it.

  • going on a bug watch to observe insects in the season. feeling different textures.

  • Learning about types of houses and materials used to build them.

  • learning properties of the water through science experiments.

  • making a flute with a cylinder to understand the dimensions.

  • learning simple mathematical vocabulary to do mental math. Understanding number zero.

  • making my own subitization cards to identify the number in the patterns. 

  • illustrating what I recall from the story and experiment.

  • pretend play while ‘being an architect’, understanding sequencing through shapes.




I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…

  • observing good practices like greeting teachers/peers, saying thank you, please and excuse me. learning to wait for my turn during the discussions and team games.

  • collaborating and cooperating in team activities like nature collage and making a Jhanki with my friends, earning to keep my surroundings clean and arranging the toys back in place. Learning new skills during food stall.

  • expressing my emotions through an emotion card. talking about ‘how I am feeling today.

  • dramatizing the story of the month through various mediums such as puppet theater and role plays.

  • lighting a lamp and saying good things about my friends on their birthdays. taking care of myself and helping to clean up by learning life skills like cleaning with a broom and polishing shoes.

  • using a dustpan to clean the food that my friends and I dropped while eating and dusting the table.

  • celebrating birthdays with friends and sharing sweets with them.

  • celebrating festivals like ‘Independence Day’, Rakshabandhan, Janmashtami with zeal and zest.

  • sharing about my family’s favorite food.

  • participating in circle  time discussions like what does freedom mean to me?, What I appreciate about my mother?, Talking about my favourite space in the house?, What would I like to change in my house?

  • engaging in free play in organized areas like the Architects corner and science lab.