Aap Aur Hum

Nursery Aap Aur Hum


4- Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Aap Aur Hum – April & May 2022

Theme – Myself


Highlights of the month-

Earth Day, Baisakhi, Eid, Easter and Summer season theme walk



I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…………

  • greeting my friends and teacher every day with a warm smile and song like
    ‘Hello everybody how are you today…’

  • expressing my gratitude through prayer like ‘God’s love is so wonderful…

  • lighting a lamp and wishing my friends on their birthday.

  • learning to wait for my turn while playing, interacting and participating in the discussions.

  • doing activities on my own to experience a sense of achievement.

  • doing the show and tell on topics like – My favourite toy.

  • learning to be independent while eating and playing.

  • teaming up with my friends to wind up after work and play.

  • expressing my emotions by picking up an emotion card and talking about ‘how I am feeling today.’

  • listening to the news presentations like recycling of water, no wasting of electricity, being kind to
    and other interesting topics.

  • Celebrating ‘Earth Month’ by discussing on various environmental issues.

  • engaging in free play in the organized corners like Doll’s house, Blocks corner, Doctors
    clinic, Library corner.

  • dancing to the rhythm of songs in the music class and enjoying the melody.

  • bonding with nature and enjoying the sight of beautiful flowers.

  • celebrating ‘Eid‘ with with friends and making ‘Sevaiya.’

  • celebrating the last day of the school before summer vacations by preparing lemonade and
    playing fun games.




I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by….

  • following the rhythm of animals in action with the songs like ‘Head shoulder knees and
    toes, One little finger etc..

  • moving my body with energizers like ‘who took the cookie from the cookie jar’, ‘Hello-Hello can
    you clap your hands, ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush...’ etc.

  • going on the nature walk, playing in the sandpit and swings.

  • learning to pass the ball according to the number sequence allotted to each child.

  • doing finger aerobics before sorting/counting the blocks.

  • creating interesting crafts like  my favourite ice cream, Nature collage, Myself photo frame, Holiday card, etc’

  • doing a freehand drawing of myself, animals in my surroundings, my school, etc.

  • making a model of planet Earth with a balloon.

  • using paint and brush to paint my favourite character related to the theme.



I have enhanced my language by…………

  • participating in the circle time and talking about the new month, weather, how I spent
    the weekend?, no wasting of electricity, talking about my favourite drink etc.  

  • Sharing my thoughts during the theme talk on topics like parts of the body?

  • listening attentively to the theme-related stories ‘Ted in the red bed’, ‘Hen’s Pens’, and attempting
    to answer the questions relating to the story.

  • teaming up with my friends to dramatize the story with puppets. 

  • learning to read common words like names of the days, month and season.

  • doing mind mapping of theme-related words like red, yellow, circle etc.

  • discussing about how to save planet Earth.

  • talking about characteristics of different shapes.

  • identifying my name on a name slip.

  • exercising my vocal cords through different activities like humming, breathing in, and lip roller.


I have developed my intellect by………

  • understanding the importance of personal hygiene through life skills.

  • finding/knowing interesting facts about trees and their fruits.

  • placing the names of the days, number cards and domino cards in the correct sequence.

  • revisiting the pre-concepts like, big and small,

  • revisiting number concepts through games like catching numbers, numeracy basket, listening
    and drawing.

  • learning to focus on a task while doing different activities like painting, paper folding,
    tearing and pasting etc.

  • identifying different ingredients and talking about their nutritional value while preparing the sewaiya
    and lemonade.

  • listening and understanding low pitch and high pitch through Sargam and rhythm clapping during
    my music class.


Baisakhi celebration


Earth Day


Eid celebration


Summer theme walk


Easter celebration