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Aap Aur Hum

Nursery Aap Aur Hum


4- Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Aap Aur Hum – November & December 2022

Theme – Jobs people do & Means of Transportation (Nursery)


Highlights of the month-


I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…………

  • greeting my friends and teacher through songs like hello everybody, Good morning ..etc.

  • expressing my gratitude through new prayer songs - ‘God’s love is so wonderful’, ‘Is choti Jeevan gadi ko..’ etc.

  • learning new songs related to the theme like –The barber cuts the hair.., The doctor makes us well etc.

  • exploring the new pretend corner- I am a Baker, florist corner, and space station.  

  • meditating and talking about changes in the weather during assembly everyday.

  • learning about the tools used in gardening, watering plants and cleaning a portion by segregating the waste.

  • participating in Sports Day.

  • watching Nativity play by Preps.

  • decorating class for Christmas party.

  • participating in carol singing and donating gifts.

  • celebrating Christmas with friends by playing games like Poke a tree to win, dancing together and enjoying the cake.

  • appreciating my friends on their birthdays to make them feel special.

  • learning to wait for my turn while playing, interacting and participating in the discussions.

  • meeting didi’s and bhaiya’s of the school and learning about the jobs they do.

  • listening to the news presentation on Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Founder’s day, Personal hygiene, World television day, International
    human solidarity day etc.

  • making ‘Pollution catcher’ to check the pollution level.

  • illustrating the mode of transport my family uses the most.



 I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by….

  • hopping, crawling, running zig zag, jumping over the hurdle, aiming and hitting the ball while participating in organized
    game and PT drill.

  • strengthening my joints, leg and arm muscles through exercises and PT drill.

  • working on my upper and lower body through exercise.

  • learning traffic rules while playing traffic light games.

  • stretching my body and learning to throw and catch ball using both the hands.

  • moving my body with the energizers like fire in the mountain.

  • playing games like construction destruction, traffic light etc.

  • doing  Bhastrika Pranayam and yoga poses- Balasana, Ustrasana and Helicopter.

  • playing in the sandpit, swings area and jumping on trampoline every day.

  • moving my body during chicken dance.

  • making Christmas crib using recycling material.

  • making rose craft, collage art piece, doing ball painting, Christmas craft etc.

  • illustrating the jobs taken up in my family, my aspiration, my observations during the outdoor visit etc.

  • making thank you cards for the helpers in school.

  • drawing vehicles with two, three or four wheels.

  • decorating cup cake for my friend.



I have enhanced my language by…………

  • participating in the circle time by talking on topics like – air pollution, how to protect our environment, who keeps me safe etc.

  • sharing my thoughts during the theme talk on topics like jobs people do in my family, professionals and their job responsibilities,
    history of transportation, my Christmas wish etc.

  • participating in informal talk on topics like – How can I be kind to others? 

  • participating in show and tell on the topics like ‘My aspiration’

  • learning about jobs people do through discussions, role plays, songs and poems.

  • listening attentively to the stories ‘Gadbad Das,  ‘Toad makes the Road’, ‘Pete the cat construction destruction’,
    ‘Pete the cat fire
    fighter’, Christmas story etc.

  • dramatizing the story using puppet theatre and shadow puppetry.

  • learning new songs and poems like I am so happy, shake your sillies out, hey helicopter etc.                



  I have developed my intellect by………

  • learning about the shapes -rectangle and triangle.

  • revisiting colours while playing the game Tippy tippy tap.

  • learning different shades of blue while doing water painting.

  • solving riddles on different professionals by observing the picture and listening to the jobs they do.

  • identifying numbers and learning number concept through counting and drawing.

  • learning numeracy concepts while playing the math game ‘missing number’.

  • doing count and draw till number 5.

  • thinking critically on topics like what can we do to control air pollution, what will I do if my parent jumps red light? solving
    the problem of a clogged water tap etc.

  • baking choco- chip cookies and discussing the taste and texture of cookies.

  • recalling new words from the story ‘Annual Hair cut day’ and building a word wall.

  • solving number puzzles based on the means of transport.

  • participating in science experiments like ‘secret letter’ and what the balloon does at different temperatures.

  • exploring what makes vehicle go faster down a ramp.

  • learning about rhythm and beat using shakers during Music and movement.

  • listening and understanding low pitch and high pitch through ooOOoo, aaAAaa, eeEEee, mmMMmm.

  • listening to the variations in sound a jal tarang creates.

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