Aap Aur Hum

Nursery Aap Aur Hum


4- Green Avenue Lane, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi


Aap Aur Hum – September 2022

Theme – Food


Highlights of the month-

                Onam Celebration                                                              Visit to the neighbouring farm


I have enhanced my social and emotional skills by…………

  • greeting my friends and teacher through songs like have you got a sunshine smile…,
    Aadab, satsriyakal, hello, namaste ..etc.


  • expressing my gratitude through a new prayer song - ‘Kisne banaya phoolon ko…’,
    God is so good…’ etc.


  • learning new songs related to the theme like –I like to eat eat eat apples…, Are you
    hungry… etc.


  • exploring the new pretend corner- I am an Architect, fruit and vegetable corner etc.

  • meditating and talking about changes in the weather during assembly everyday.

  • learning about gardening, watering plants and cleaning a portion by segregating the waste.

  • learning about germination and the importance of sunlight, air and water in the growth of a plant.

  • meeting animals at school and learning about their favourite food.

  • appreciating my friends on their birthdays to make them feel special.

  • learning to wait for my turn while playing, interacting and participating in the discussions.

  • listening to the news presentation –International day of sign languages, life cycle of a plant,
    world Rhino day etc.

  • making Pookalam and celebrating Onam with my friends and teachers.


 I have enhanced my gross and fine motor skills by….

  • crawling, running zig zag, jumping over the hurdle, pouring seeds from one container
    to another while participating in organized games (Pec race).


  • doing yoga poses like Vrikshasana.

  • balancing and walking on square shape.

  • learning to throw and catch the ball using both hands.

  • playing in the sandpit, swings area and jumping on trampoline every day.

  • moving my body to songs like I dig my garden dig, dig, dig…, shake your sillies out,
    rabbit, rabbit 1 2 3… etc.


  • playing outdoor games like ‘Tippy tippy tap, what colour do you want?’

  • doing ice cream craft, My food plate craft etc.

  • strengthening my joints, leg and arm muscles through exercises and PT drill.

  • doing pineapple lacing.

  • drawing my observation of the plant I grew in the school and outdoor visit.


I have enhanced my language by…………

  • participating in the circle time by talking on topics like – my emotions, fruit basket,
    food pyramid/Balanced diet, dental care etc.


  • talking on the topics like- food wastage.

    • sharing my thoughts during the theme talk on topics like source of food​ -Plants.

  • participating in show and tell on topics like my favourite food, my favourite
    dessert etc.


  • identifying different vegetables in the basket and talking about the vegetables I like/don’t
    like to eat.


  • identifying different cereals and grains in the basket and talking about them.

  • learning about healthy food through songs and poems.

  • identifying different fruits and vegetables by touching them during the activity food feely bag.

  • listening attentively to the stories ‘Samaira’s Awful Lunch’, ‘Mathru and the magic dice’,
    ‘Peep plant a seed’,


  • teaming up with my friends to dramatize the story using puppet theatre and shadow puppetry.

  • learning new songs and poems like everybody in everybody out.., hot cross bun.., hokey
    pockey.., plant a seed.. etc                   



  I have developed my intellect by………

  • learning about square shape through finger printing.

  • identifying different fruits in a jumbled picture.

  • learning  numeracy concepts while playing ‘pretend shop play’.

  • sorting fruits and vegetables in different baskets.

  • sorting different food items under the category plant based and animal-based foods.

  • learning about the food pyramid and the importance of including food items from each group
    to make a complete meal.


  • sorting various pictures of food items according to the food pyramid.

  • identifying different food items on the sheet while playing indoor game-Bingo.

  • learning about odd one out through fruits and vegetables.

  • thinking critically on topics like what would happen if plants vanished, what will happen if the
    person cooking at your home falls sick, Gandhi ji’s 4th monkey etc.


  • segregating the items collected during nature walk under different parts of plants.

  • learning about the nutritive value of ingredients used in making fruit cream.

  • playing memory game with food card and joining the puzzle of parts of a plant in correct sequence.|

  • recalling new words from the story ‘Busy Ants’ and ‘Samira’s awful lunch’ and building a word wall.

  • participating in science experiments like ‘chlorophyll painting’ and ‘exploring seeds in food we eat’
    and recalling the experiment by drawing my observation on sheet using crayons.


  • observing and recording the growth cycle of a seed.

  • rolling the dice and drawing that many circles on the sheet.

  • learning about rhythm and beat using shakers during Music and movement.

  • listening and understanding low pitch and high pitch through Yum Yum Yum.