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Aap Aur Hum – March 2021
Theme – ‘The Animal World’ (Nursery)

I am enhancing my gross and fine motor skills by…

  • participating in various physical activities like lemon race, frog jumping, zigzag running, drill, zumba and rolling the mat and running back.

  • Doing various yoga poses like butterfly, grateful giraffe and excited elephant.

  • following the rhythm of animals in action with the songs/rhymes like animal in action and moo moo brown cow.

  • participating in various energizers like Quack, Quack, if I were an animal and Spin Poi.

  • learning life skills like how to peel an orange, getting ready on my own, preparing my healthy breakfast for myself and pouring grains through a funnel.

  • doing free hand drawing of animals I see around, My friend and decorating it by tearing and pasting to make colourful border.

  • folding paper to make things like flying bird craft, finger puppets, animal head gears, bird house and animals with origami technique.

  • printing with different techniques like water marble and ink blot.

I am developing and enhancing my language by…

  • participating in the circle time and talking about the new month, season,how I spent the  weekend, what all I’m going to miss about being in nursery? And listening to others too.

  • listening to the story – The paper bag princess and discussing about the characters of the story, doing follow up activities like story role play, word wall etc.

  • recalling story ‘One duck stuck’ through the web chart.

  • naming the ingredients and participating in the discussion while making the cake.

  • Describing the things I create like a paper bird, animal salad etc.

I am developing my intellect by…

  • learning about animals under different groups like the ones that live on the tree/ water/land and the things we receive from them.

  • Discussing about nocturnal animals and their unique characteristics.

  • learning about blue and yellow color by collecting the objects in different shades of the colors and analysing them.

  • doing mind mapping activities related to the theme and recalling related words.

  • listening carefully to the sounds made by different animals and birds and guessing their names.

  • observing and concentrating carefully while spotting the odd one out and classifying different animals as per their habitat.

  • observing the weather and talking about it in the weather talk.

  • creating new things with my toys during free play.

  • concentrating on an activity for 10 minutes.

  • Recalling my experience during discussions.

I am enhancing my social and emotional skills by…

  • expressing my emotions through animal poses in yoga.

  • bonding with my peers while doing activities like magic finger, follow the leader.

  • participating with my friends in the music and movement, helicopter dance, drill, energizers etc.

  • celebrating birthdays of my friends and sharing good things I observe about them.

  • singing prayer every day and expressing my gratitude to God.

  • talking about my friend during the circle time and drawing his/her portrait.

  • participating in session with one of my peers so that we can interact and understand each other well.

  • sharing my thoughts about the fun day and celebrating the victory after the SMILE elections

  • celebrating the last day of the session by preparing cake and playing fun games.

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