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Aap Aur Hum

July - August 2020

Areas Covered

Themes – My Family and My Home (Nursery)


My Physical and Motor development took place as I...

  • did free hand drawing of impressions I had in my mind about my family, home. 

  • moulded clay to create interesting articles and objects.          

  • enjoyed stacking and joining blocks in different shapes and objects.

  • sat down with my friends to sort different grains in the grain box/bowls and outlined pictures with the help of grains.

  • used paints and brushes to play with colours and paint beautiful patterns on the paper.

  • took part in physical activities like walking, crawling, hopping, jumping, zumba, animal walk etc.

  • did simple movements with the music during physical drill.

  • kept my body active through energizing games like “Shake and Move”.

  • participated in simple Montessori activities like sorting and matching socks, walking on a
    straight line to develop life skills


  • had fun using different things to make interesting crafts on festivals like a rakhi, a flute etc.                                 



My Language developed as I……

  • learnt to be attentive to my friends and teachers during circle time.

  • learnt to understand and remember the things my teacher told me to do.

  • listened to interesting stories and talked about my favourite character.

  • did picture reading which enhanced my speaking skills and helped me think differently.

  • talked about my family and my home during theme talk.

  • talked about my drawings to express what I have made.

  • talked about my favourite toy during “Show and Tell”.

  • listened to stories in different ways to enhance my language.

  • recited themes related songs and rhymes on family and my home.

  • shared my experiences during the weekend with my peers.



My Cognitive development took place as I……

  • observed my surroundings carefully to notice changes.

  • sharpened my listening skills through activities like mental journey, meditation and silence game.

  • recalled and shared my experiences during theme talk.

  • enhanced my imagination while illustrating stories.

  • enhanced my observation skills and memory by recalling what happens during the day.

  • made interesting structures with blocks and clay.

  • understood pre-number concepts like – big/small through various games and activities.

  • played games like memory game, feely bag etc to enhance my senses.

  • differentiated between different objects by touching, smelling, seeing and looking at them.

  • learnt about different shapes like circle and colours like red, yellow and identified them in the surrounding.



My Socio emotional development took place as I.....

  • learnt to be independent while eating and playing.

  • talked what I like about my father, mother, grandparents, sister and brother.

  • expressed what I can do to help my family and friends.

  • learnt to keep my toys and play material back after free play.

  • learnt to work with my friends either it’s a role-play or accomplishing a particular task in the group.

  • felt special when crowned as the King/Queen.

  • participated in circle time to develop soft skills like being patient, gentle and courteous.

  • learnt how and why we celebrate Eid, Raksha Bandhan, Janamashtami, Independence Day and Onam. 

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