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Aap Aur Hum – December 2020
Theme – ‘Jobs we do’ (Nursery)

My physical and motor development is taking place as I am……. 

  • learning to do rhythmic movements with Christmas songs.

  • participating actively in fun games like the snowman maze.

  • moving my body while taking part in energisers like -I can move my body like anything, I got the rhythm etc.

  • doing physical activities like the drill with props to enhance my muscular strength and alertness of mind. 

My language development is taking place as I am………

  • sharing my thoughts confidently with my friends and teacher during circle time discussions on good bye to old month and welcoming the new month, how to express anger etc. and theme talk. This enhances my general awareness.

  • sharing my feelings and emotions with friends and teacher confidently and enthusiastically e.g, discussing about whom will I give my Christmas gift to.

  • making presentations on the work I did in the holidays.

  • enhancing my vocabulary and diction by singing songs ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’, Dekho charni mein….

  • dramatizing the story of Christmas and talking about the characters in it.



My intellectual development is taking place as I am ……..

  • thinking creatively by talking over situations that affect our life like –how to get the leaking tap repaired and who will repair it.

  • doing activities like painting, drawing, free play, meditation, tearing and pasting to enhance my concentration span.

  • listening to instructions attentively and participating actively.

  • enhancing my problem solving skills by solving puzzles.

  • improving my reading readiness by matching my name with the name slip.

  • making simple fun toys to learn concepts like ‘up and down’.

  • enhancing listening skills by playing guessing games like listening to the sounds of different emergency vehicles.



My socio-emotional development is taking place as I am……

  • learning to be social while greeting my friends and teacher every day with a warm smile and song.

  • learning to help in every little way and be my best at home.

  • learning to appreciate people for jobs they take up.

  • participating with joy in carol singing during the Christmas season.

  • celebrating the birthday of baby Jesus by cutting a Christmas cake.

  • learning to share my joy and happiness with the ones who are less privileged.

  • having a cultural exchange with my peers during the Christmas get-together.

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