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Santa Maria Integrated Learning Environment (SMILE) is an inclusive, coeducational, minority school. We offer a quality

3-year pre-school program where children from various socio-economic backgrounds and different abilities come together to explore the joy of growing up. Inclusion is at the core of all we do at SMILE. This is to ensure that children know that the world is made up of different kinds of people. Parental involvement in the philosophy and activities of the school is crucial to a meaningful three years here. Santa Maria is situated in a lush one acre plot that has a kitchen garden, more than twenty different kinds of trees and a variety of flower bearing creepers and plants. Children are able to observe geese, chickens and goats being milked in an environment that is green and safe, making both outdoor and indoor play easy and meaningful.

At SMILE every moment is an opportunity to learn new things and make sense of the world, to gain in confidence and understanding and to build readiness to move on in life.

Building on more than 50 years of pre-school experience, the team at SMILE, help your child unlock every hidden potential through a variety of activities and events.

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